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Five Free- The Way To Be!

Have you ever wondered what exactly "Five Free" means? When you see that a nail polish is "Five Free" (like us) that simply means that they are free of five harsh chemicals most nail polishes and gel polishes contain. Your nails are apart of you, so why would you want to polish them with harsh chemicals? See below for a brief explanation of the chemicals that our polishes DON'T contain: 

Toluene: It's a solvent meaning it dissolves a solute (a different liquid, solid, or gas) Compare it to paint thinner also know as  "Turpentine"

Dibutyl Phthalate: This chemical acts as a additive that increases the plasticity or fluidity of a material. It makes the material less rubbery and easier to work with. On the health risk side, this chemical along with its agents can cause the deformity of embryos.

Formaldehyde: Surely you have heard of this chemical. It is most commonly used to embalm dead humans and animals. It's has a HORRIBLE and IRRITATING smell. You may smell it in most nail hardeners. It's also linked to causing cancer.

Formaldehyde Resin: This is a synthetic resin product that is made with Formaldehyde as a base ingredient. Whether it's a car part or nail polish,it makes the final product tough and resilient. 

Camphor: So have you ever removed nail polish  from your nails and noticed a "yellow" stain left on your natural nails? That's from the chemical "Camphor". Camphor acts like a shield or cover on your nails which then strips your nails from receiving the necessary nutrients making them weak and brittle and also staining them. Health wise, they are linked to causing seizures.

LOVE you nails just as you LOVE yourself. You wouldn't put any of these chemicals in your body on purpose, so why put them on your nails? Happy Polishing!

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